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What Are The Predicted Roofing Trends For 2017?

Posted on March 5, 2018 - by Mr. Pipeline

With the construction of new homes being on the rise, roofing styles are as creative as they come. Roofing styles, materials and purpose are being revisited each time to ensure that roofs are more sustainable and durable compared to the last. With the existing solar panels and affordable roofing materials, living roofs still top all the charts when it comes to construction and a beautiful outlook.

Whether you want to update your roof, building a new home or just raising the level of your roof, the following predictions will illuminate the correct path for roofing styles;


The gutters you can’t live without them no matter what. They are trending into 2017, so much so because of their wide range of functions plus their ability to give the house a nice finish to it. The gutters are meant to collect rainwater and direct to rain barrels. The same water can be used to sprinkle on the lawn, or even they wash the car for conservation. The gutters also direct the water away from the house and foundation, ultimately protect the home from any damages and saving you any excess water bills. These gutters can help reduce or even prevent soil erosion; they decrease the number of trenches created in your compound. Depending on the construction company or you, the gutters can be readily installed, or you can install them as you please.

The gutters are not meant for aesthetic purposes but more of a functionality need.

Green Roof

Green Roof, commonly referred to as Living Roof is one of the most sought after roofing styles in 2017. The people who are bent towards preserving the ecosystem usually prefer having them installed on their houses. The solar panels also serve the same function as the roof; they are entirely synonymous. The Green Roof roofing style saves on energy and is popular in areas around Europe and also the United States.

There are green roof professionals who will come to your home to survey and give the necessary steps needed to be undertaken to have a flourishing green roof. All this depends on the region you are in and also your style of home. One of the easiest and most recommended green roofs is the grass and the flowers. The homeowners who take this extra step are usually looking into conserve energy and also lack space to plant.

Solar Panels

2017 has quite some solar panels installed on their roofs as compared to anywhere else. With the increase in energy bills every time, more and more people are looking into installing the solar panels on the roofs this year.


Roofing trends are versatile but are always subject to personal taste.

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