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Every building needs a roof. Roofs protect the rest of a building, defending it from sun, wind and rain. Roofs need professional maintenance. BDT Roofing is the roofing company in West Palm Beach.

Florida roofs face a hostile environmental combination of heat, bright sun, wind, rain and storms. Regardless of composition, all roofs in our state will deteriorate over time, although regular professional maintenance will prolong a roof’s effectiveness.

BDT Roofing installs roofs in new construction or rebuilds. We repair roof damage of any kind. We replace roofs that are damaged beyond repair. Our projects include commercial and residential roofs. Our roofers have repaired every kind of roofing material, from tile and metal to cedar and asphalt shingles. A good looking roof contributes to curb appeal, and knowledge that the roof is sound inspires confidence during storms.

It’s important to realize that a roof is actually a protective system with a number of parts. Roofs include vents, and often chimneys and skylights, which involve flashing and sealants. Roofs protect structures from water, and the water has to go somewhere, so controlling water flow is an important aspect, often involving gutter systems.

In Florida, many factors affect a roof. Wind-blown debris can accumulate. Tree branches may blow down. Birds or pests may take up residence. Our climate is ideal for the fast development of algae, which can weaken a roof. Heavy rain can blow water in under a defective shingle. Fasteners can work loose over time. The age of a roof itself is important, because any roof deteriorates over time.

You should have your roof inspected on an annual basis, particularly before storm season. This allows early detection of problems. Any repairs needed should be done promptly, because small defects in a roof can quickly become large ones.

We are fully licensed and insured. Our roofers are trained and experienced. We offer free estimate. The go-to roofing company in West Palm Beach is BDT Roofing.

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