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Metal roofs are notable for their durability, but they commonly experience some problems that need immediate attention. If problems are not promptly fixed, they can quickly worsen. BDT Roofing repairs metal roofs in West Palm Beach.

Metal roofs are made from a variety of materials, including steel, tin, copper, aluminum and zinc. They are usually made from sheet metal covered by a resistant coating. The coating can wear away over time, with oxidation corrosion a common result. Corrosion can lead to leakage and even roof failure.

Common problems with metal roofing include denting, which can come from hail during storms, or even roofers walking on the surface. Leaks are the most common complaint. These most often occur where flashing has been installed around pipe venting or chimneys. Roofs expand and contract in Florida’s heat, which can loosen flashing and cause leaks. Wind can catch the loose flashing and damage the roof even more.

Another common problem is fasteners in a metal roof working loose, caused by wind, contraction and expansion, or just deterioration over time. These can also lead to leaks and make a metal roof vulnerable to strong winds.

Metal roofs are very durable, but if they are not maintained they can develop problems. BDT Roofing recommends a close inspection every year or so to check elements such as fastening, flashing and corrosion. Minor problems are easy to fix, but if not caught in time they can become major issues, even to the point that roof replacement costs less than extensive repairs.

Well maintained, your metal roof will give your residence or business structure many years of protection. It will look good. Metal roofs in West Palm Beach deserve experienced professional maintenance and repair. BDT Roofing metal roof repair in West Palm Beach.

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