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How to Fix a Leaky Roof in a Few Simple Steps

Posted on April 25, 2018 - by Mr. Pipeline

Step One- Finding the Leak

The first step to fixing a leak in your roof is to find where the leak is coming from. Sometimes, the leak inside is not directly below the access point outside. So, you have to find where exactly the leak is coming from.

The easiest way is to use a water-hose. On a dry day have someone waiting inside where the leaky roof is, then go up on the roof with a water-hose. Spray the water hose on areas around where the leak is inside the house one area at a time. After, you spray an area, wait a few minutes to see if it starts leaking inside the house. If it doesn’t move on to the next section of the roof and repeat the process until it starts to leak inside.

Step Two- Repairing the Leak

 Now that you have found where the leaky roof is coming from, it can now be repaired. Depending on the material that the roof is made of, there are a few different ways to repair the leak.


 If your roof is made with shingles, once you find the area for the entry point, look for any shingles that are curled or damaged. Straighten the curled shingles or replace the damaged ones.

Then you will want to use asphalt roofing cement to seal the edges of the shingles. If the shingle is being replaced, make sure to cover the nails with roofing cement as well.


When there are damaged shakes causing leaks in the roof, the way to repair it is to replace them. You will have to remove the damages shake, cut a new one about 3/8th of an inch shorter than the damaged one.

Then nail the new shake into place with two roofing nails. After nailing the shake into place, seal the nails with caulking.


Rolled roofing

Rolled roofing cracks and blisters. If there are cracks or blisters in the rolled roofing, start by cutting a line through the middle of the blister. After you do this, you will want to make sure to soak up any moisture so that the area is dry.

Once it is dry, place roofing cement underneath the material through the line you cut and press down to seal it. Then nail down the cut that you made and then use more roofing cement to cover the top of the blister.

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