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Common Problems Associated With Metal Roofing

Posted on April 25, 2018 - by Mr. Pipeline

Many people have been switching over to metal roofing because of the benefits associated with it, such as longevity, fire resistance and its ability to reflect instead of absorbing heat. These are all great reasons to invest in metal roofing, however, before making that decision there are some drawbacks that you should be aware of.


The first drawback is the cost. Metal roofing materials cost twice as much as other roofing materials. The investment is worth it if you have found your forever home and don’t plan on moving.

If you do plan on moving in a few years, then you would not receive the full benefits of your investment.


The next common problem with metal roofing is the noise. Heavy rain and hail will cause a lot of noise when it hits the metal roofing. This could become a problem and annoyance to those living in the house.

By adding more insulation when the roof is being installed can lessen the noise level, however, it will increase the amount you spend on having the metal roofing installed.


Metal roofing can be dented. Depending on the type of metal used, a heavy hailstorm or big hailstones can dent the roof. It can also be dented by someone walking on it. Copper and aluminum are soft metal that will bend easily.

There are some metals that will not bend, however, all metals can get slippery and cause falls that may result in denting from the force. If a metal roof is not installed properly, water can build up on the roof and cause rusting on certain types of metals.

Adding on and remodeling your home can cause a few problems with your metal roof because it can be hard to match the new materials with the existing metal roofing.

If your in need of a metal roof repair call a professional.

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