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Common Causes for a Metal Roof Leak

Posted on April 25, 2018 - by Mr. Pipeline

Metal roofing material is one of the most resilient roofing options. It is fire resistant, reflects heat, and it does not rot or mold due to moisture. There is also the benefit of it being lightweight. However, they are still prone to developing leaks and there are a few reasons why.


One of the ways for a metal roof to develop a leak is for the sealant to become worn down. The sealant can become worn due to the expanding and contracting of the metal. Once the sealant loses its flexibility, it will become easier for it to tear and cause a leak.

Chimneys and skylights

If you have a chimney or a skylight, then your roof can develop a leak due to the flashing. The flashing is a thin metal that is placed around the chimney or skylight to create a water-tight seal between it and the roof. If the flashing becomes worn, starts to lift or is not installed properly, it can cause a leak.

Roofing screws

The most common cause of a leak in a metal roof is misaligned screws. The screws used with metal roofing have rubber underneath the head of the screw to create a water-tight seal. If the screw is not in all the way or screwed in too far, the rubber no longer creates a water-tight seal. Also, if the screw is crooked, the rubber will not cover the entire hole, which can allow water to leak through.

Vent Pipe flashing

Vent pipe flashing is different than chimney and skylight flashing. It is made out of a rubber substance to create a water-tight seal between the roof and HVAC and plumbing vents. Due to the expanding and contracting of the metal as well as sun exposure, the flashing can be degraded and loosened. The loosening and degradation can lead to water leaks in the roof as well. If you need assistance for metal roof repair call a professional.

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